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This is the first of several “wrap-up posts” to close out the year. Most of these essays will be published in January, but we’ll get this one in right under the wire as the last post of 2021. To begin my wrapping things up, I thought it would be interesting to analyze what have been my best and worst clothing-related purchases of 2021.

Because I’d like to end the year on a high note, I’m going to start with what I view as my favorite purchases. Fortunately, I made a lot more good purchases this year than bad ones, so it was easy for me to choose the items to feature as my “bests.”

best purchases of 2021

For the sake of brevity and getting my posts out in a relatively timely fashion, I’m going to split the review of my favorites into two parts, with the second portion going live next week. Today’s post covers the at-home section of my wardrobe, although some of the pieces highlighted can also cross over to be worn when I’m out and about.

Why What We Wear at Home Matters

I’m starting with my at-home items, as that’s where I (and probably most of us) have been spending the bulk of my time over the past almost two years. One “silver lining” of the pandemic for me has been that I’ve finally started prioritizing buying clothing to wear at home and for exercise. In the past, I skimped in this area because it was much more fun to shop for pieces to wear when I’m outside of the house. But my reality even before Covid-19 profoundly shifted all of our lives was that I’m at home far more often than not. I should have focused more on what I wore at home long before March 2020, but the pandemic was the catalyst for me to dedicate more of my shopping efforts – and clothing dollars – in that direction.

Some people may wonder why it even matters what we wear at home. I used to feel that way, too, but I’ve learned that I feel much better mentally and emotionally when I’m wearing something that I like and feel good in, no matter where I am. Even if no one else is around but me and my cats (who don’t care how I’m dressed), I still have to see myself, and there’s more of a pep in my step when I like my outfit. Additionally, I’m often not alone at home, especially during these pandemic times, and my husband appreciates when I pay more attention to my grooming and attire in his presence.

Finally, I make an effort to get out for short walks during the day, and it’s a lot easier to push myself to do this if I’m already wearing something that I don’t mind being seen in. Usually all I need to do to get going for a walk is to put on a hat and sunglasses (sun protection is very important to me), plug my earbuds into my phone (to listen to podcasts), and grab my house key. This takes just a minute or two, whereas having to change into a completely different outfit would take longer and might derail the entire effort.

I used to be embarrassed to be seen in what I wore at home, but since I prioritized this area of my wardrobe, I’m now quite happy and satisfied with what I wear at home and on my almost-daily walks. The effort I put into my at-home wardrobe in 2020 and 2021 has definitely paid off!

A Few Words About Links…

I’ve decided to add links for my favorite 2021 purchases that are still available to buy now. My reason for doing so is that I know it can be difficult for many of us to find quality pieces that suit our needs. At times, I’ve been led to items and brands that I would have never been aware of had it not been for a blogger pointing them out to me, so I see the value in sharing this type of knowledge from time to time. I won’t ever overdo it, though, because that’s not what I’m about here. Also, with the exception of a handful of Amazon items (I have an affiliate account with them), most of the links in this post are not affiliate links.

Of course, your bodies, preferences, and lifestyles may be vastly different from mine. However, it’s possible that you may find some “winners” that meet your specific needs among my favorite purchases of the year. As always, I encourage using “the power pause” before buying anything new in order to avoid impulse buying. I don’t do that a hundred percent of the time, but I’m always glad when I do. It’s helpful to give ourselves some space between wanting something and deciding whether or not it’s prudent for us to purchase it.

My Best At-Home Purchases

I’ve separated my best at-home purchases into several categories, as I often bought more than one of a given item type. Buying “multiples” can sometimes be ill-advised, but I approached it smartly this year by waiting until I knew an item was a workhorse before purchasing one in another color. If we buy multiples all at one time, we may not be aware of potential issues with the items, which can often only be discovered through wearing and laundering them. Additionally, one or more of the pieces may end up becoming wardrobe “benchwarmers” because we really only loved the first color we selected.

Lounge Henley Tops

Tommy John Lounge Henleys

I first discovered the Tommy John Lounge Henley at the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NAS), when I purchased a charcoal gray version. These tops are super-soft and comfortable, and the perfect weight for mild Southern California winter temperatures. Since I loved my first lounge Henley so much, I gradually added five additional colors to my wardrobe over the past year. These tops are fairly expensive at the regular price, so I’ve usually waited for a sale to take place (there’s currently a sale on a lilac version, as well as the colorblock version shown above), but they’re actually worth the regular price because they’re just so cozy to wear.

It’s interesting that these tops include acrylic, as I usually find that fabric too itchy to wear, but that’s not at all the case here. I have opted to size up because I like my at-home clothing to fit a bit more loosely. I also think these tops run on the small side, especially for those of us who are larger in our bottom halves. As a bonus, the sleeves are long enough for my “gorilla arms,” which isn’t true for most of the tops I try on.  My most recent lounge Henley acquisition was the red version, which I wore quite a bit leading up to Christmas.

I definitely recommend these tops, but I wasn’t as pleased with the joggers that are sold as companion pieces for them. I tried on a pair at this year’s NAS, but they weren’t long enough for me (no big surprise there!). I also feel that better options are available for a lower price, including the joggers I cover in the next section.

Breathe Joggers

Old Navy Breathe Joggers

As with the tops covered above, I first discovered the Old Navy Breathe Joggers in 2020, when I purchased a pair in the color called “In the Navy.” I had been searching for comfortable at-home pants that were offered in tall sizes, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these joggers given the low price. They fit true to size and are roomy enough for my larger thighs and calves. After wearing the navy version quite often, I gradually added four other colors to my closet.

I’m sad that the Breathe Joggers aren’t offered in black (why not?), but I love the colors that I was able to acquire. Surprisingly, I wear the green camo version the most, and I temper the somewhat “loud” pattern by pairing it with a black top. My 77-year-old mother also loves these joggers. I added a pair of purple joggers in with a puffer vest I bought for her in order to get free shipping, but they were a hit! I have since purchased three additional pairs for her, too, and she wears them on a daily basis, including for out-and-about wear (she pairs them with regular tops and shoes). The joggers are offered in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes. The selection is a bit picked over at the moment, but they will likely replenish the supply shortly and may even add some new colors and patterns to the mix as well.

Relaxed Yoga Pants

Yogipace loose-fitting yoga pants

I sometimes think I’m the only woman on the planet who doesn’t like to wear leggings, as they seem to be everywhere these days. I much prefer to wear more loose-fitting bottoms, and I’ve had a hard time finding ones that fit me well and are long enough. I’ve bought and returned countless pairs of yoga-style pants, but I finally found ones that work for me, at Amazon of all places. I’m not even sure how I found these pants, but I think I decided to search Amazon on a whim after I struck out everywhere else.

I ordered two different styles of the Yogipace yoga pants: the loose-fit sweatpants with pockets and the fleece-lined straight leg sweatpants. They are both offered in five different inseam lengths, including one that’s actually too long for me! The fleece-lined pants are warmer, whereas the loose-fit sweatpants are more lightweight. Both fit true to size and are very comfortable. Yogipace also offers many other types of pants, shorts, and skorts in their Amazon store. I may try their loose-fit wide leg dress pants sometime next year. Many of the Yogipace bottoms are only offered in black, but some are available in navy, charcoal, khaki, and white, too.

I’m so happy that I found relaxed yoga pants that work for me, as the old pairs I’ve been wearing were discontinued several years ago and have gotten extremely worn out. The only negative with the Yogipace pants is that I’m between two inseam lengths and had to get the pants hemmed by about an inch. For reference, I purchased the 35-inch inseam (I’m 5’10”), but the 33-inch inseam would have been too short. Interestingly, most tall-length pants from other brands have 34-inch inseams, which is often not quite long enough for me to wear with heels. This is why I’m going to consider Yogipace for non-exercise pants in the future, as the 35-inch inseam in that option would be perfect for me.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigans / Robes

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Cardigans

One of my most worn 2021 purchases came from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. I’ve been a fan of Barefoot Dreams cardigans for several years and had two previous versions that I’ve worn into the ground. Nordstrom almost always offers a few versions of these cardigans at their anniversary sale, and the one I liked the best this year was the CozyChic Lite Long Cardigan. It was one of my birthday gifts this year, and I liked it so much that I received a red version as one of my Christmas presents!

This cardigan is an open style and doesn’t include any fasteners, so I had a hook added to the front to keep it closed for added warmth (this addition only cost $5 via my tailor, but those who sew could add a hook themselves).  One nice thing about the CozyChic cardigan is that it can we worn out and about as well as at home. It’s cozy but also looks quite polished and works well for casual wear.

Black Puffer Jackets

Athleta and Old Navy black puffer jackets

Two black puffer jackets are also included among my best purchases of 2021. I bought both of them early in the year, so they’re now in their second cold weather season. The Athleta Downtown jacket is shorter in length and is mostly worn for my evening walks on colder days. It’s still available for purchase in black, fuchsia, and burgundy (which is on sale now) in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes. A cream print version is also on sale, but in limited sizes. I had to size up in the Downtown jacket, as it runs small in the midsection and hip area (many reviewers agree with me on this, but it may be true to size for those with an inverted triangle shape).

The second puffer jacket came from Old Navy and is longer and lighter in weight. I loved that it was offered in tall sizes, and I also was able to purchase it on sale for less than $50. Unfortunately, this jacket is no longer available, but they do have a shorter version for sale in three colors in limited sizes (I bought this one for my mom, who felt that it ran small, so you may want to size up if you decide to order it).

I wear the Old Navy jacket more for out-and-about occasions that are casual in nature. I packed both of the above jackets for my November trip to Lake Tahoe to see my family, and they were the perfect toppers to have along with me. I wore the shorter Downtown jacket for my walks by the lake, and I paired the longer puffer jacket with my standard outfits. The Downtown jacket is definitely warmer, but the Old Navy topper worked well for a mild November in Tahoe and is also great for the moderate temperatures we experience during our Southern California winters.

Dark Neutral Sneakers

Brooks Ghost 14 and Mephisto Runoff sneakers

The last of my 2021 best purchases were acquired late in the year but have already made a big difference in my wardrobe. After years of wearing walking shoes that combined black with other colors and white soles, I decided to buy a solid black pair. My reason for this is that I never wanted to wear my jogger pants on walks with my old walking shoes because I felt my feet looked large and obtrusive when my shoes weren’t partially covered by wider pants. Therefore, I only wore the joggers at home and continued to wear two very old pairs of straight-leg yoga pants on my walks (which I’ve now fortunately replaced with the Yogipace pants I wrote about above).

Buying the black Brooks Ghost 14 sneakers (which are actually running shoes, but I only wear them for walking) has helped me to broaden my horizons with my walking attire. The solid black sneakers look great with the multiple pairs of joggers that I own, as they don’t stand out so much with the narrower hems on the pants. I do have relatively large feet (size 9.5 or a European 40), but I always go up a size in walking shoes since my feet tend to swell during and after exercise. I also have high arches and high insteps, which could be considered “high volume” feet (check out this article about foot volume to learn more). The Brooks Ghost sneakers work well for my feet and were comfortable to wear on a long walk from the beginning. I’m very happy with these sneakers, which I’ve already worn at least thirty times despite only having them since mid-November.

I purchased the metallic sneakers in late-November after seeing my mom wear this style with her Old Navy joggers. I liked that they looked a bit more polished (one of my style guideposts – explained in this post) than my walking shoes and worked well in a more upscale ensemble including jogger pants. The style – Mephisto Runoff – is no longer being sold retail, but I was able to find a pair on eBay in my size (a half-size up from what my mom wears). They show minor signs of wear, but are still in good condition. I’ve worn them a few times to run some basic errands wearing my at-home clothing. I also wear the long Old Navy puffer jacket for that purpose, which creates a casual outfit that feels like it’s a step up from what I wear on my walks.

Both of the sneakers shown above have led to a big improvement in my ultra-casual wardrobe. I’m able to wear my jogger pants more often, and I also feel more pulled together when I’m wearing more casual attire outside of the house. I plan to add a nice pair of flat sandals to pair with joggers during the warmer months. Ideally, these will be shoes that I can walk decent distances in so that I can wear open shoes for strolls on hotter days.

Your Thoughts?

So, there you have it… my best at-home purchases of 2021. I didn’t think this post would be as long as it is, but clearly, I had a lot to say about why these recent acquisitions have made such a big difference in my wardrobe satisfaction. I feel like I’m finally on the right track with my at-home wardrobe after years of feeling frumpy and unattractive in what I wore inside my house. I love that it’s so easy now for me to head out for a short walk around the complex where I live without having to change my clothes, and that I also feel more attractive for the largest proportion of my life. While at-home clothing isn’t typically as interesting and exciting as what we wear when we go out, it’s still very important and can make a big difference in how we feel.

Now I’d love to hear from you in terms of your best purchases of 2021. You don’t need to only comment on at-home clothing, but if you have insights and wins to share in that area, I’d love to read them. I’ll be writing about my best out-and-about purchases shortly, but if you want to comment on your favorite new pieces for that area of your wardrobe here, please feel free to do so. I look forward to reading whatever you decide to share.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2022

As I write this, it’s the evening of December 31st. The new year is about to dawn where I live, but I know it’s already 2022 for many of you. Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of my readers a very Happy New Year! I wish you abundant blessings in 2022, and I hope this year will bring you good health, happiness, peace, and joy. I also wish for healing for the world and for the coronavirus pandemic to finally be brought under control. The past two years have been so challenging for all of us, but hopefully 2022 will be a year of hope, possibility, and recovery.

Stay tuned for part two of my best purchases of 2021 series, which will cover my out-and-about buys. Following that post, I will reveal my worst purchases of the year, along with the lessons I learned about my wardrobe and myself in 2021. I also plan to share a “best of the blog” post sometime soon, in which I’ll recap the most popular posts and links on My Wardrobe, Myself in 2021, as well as my personal favorite essays of the year. Later in January, I’ll share my word/theme for 2022, as well as my vision and plan for my wardrobe in the coming year. As always, thank you for being here, and I hope you’ll stick with me through 2022 as I continue to explore the intersection of clothing, emotions, and life.Buy Me a Coffee at

15 thoughts on “Best Purchases of 2021: At-Home Items

  1. Sue says:

    I find myself making more and more effort when I dress for home too. We are in a tight lockdown here but I dressed in my best party clothes, jewellery and shoes for our tiny Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties (nuclear family +1). We also prepared very fancy food, as if we were in a fancy restaurant. And I properly dress for work too, even if I’m telecommuting all day (okay, maybe I cheat a bit on the footwear here 😉). At the weekend, I dress more casually, usually in comfortable jeans, but I always make an effort and am ready for a walk or trip to the supermarket (or when we’re not in lockdown: shops, to see family, a friend’s place, a museum or a casual restaurant 😊). And I have even upgraded my sleepwear in recent years. I no longer own matching pajamas as such but wear comfortable cotton lounge pants and tops to bed. They function as sleepwear but I would still feel okay in them on a camping site or at the beach. As you wrote, feeling good in your clothes is worth the effort, and it lifts the mood of those around us too, I think.

    Happy New Year, Debbie!!!

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      That’s so great that you dressed up for Christmas and New Year’s at home, Sue, and also prepared fancy food to enjoy. I’m sure it helped you to make the occasions feel more special for you and your family. I haven’t gotten to the point of actually “dressing up” at home, but it’s made a big difference to wear clothes that I feel good in and am okay being seen wearing by others. I agree that our clothes can help to lift the mood of others as well as ourselves. When you wrote about “cheating on the footwear” when telecommuting, I thought of some memes I’ve seen about Zoom outfits. It doesn’t sound like you look like those memes (and I think many people “cheat on the footwear”), but it’s still funny to think of them. Thanks for sharing your at-home dressing experiences here, and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Katrina B says:

    A very Happy New Year to you, Debbie!

    It looks like you had a lot of success with the basics in 2021. I appreciate all the details you provide because things like the henley are always hard for me to find, too. I like the look of a henley but I’ve never found one that didn’t get misshapen around the button placket after the first couple of washes. I will definitely try out the Tommy John.

    2021 was not a big buying year for me. I did buy some bras and two pairs of athleisure type pants in 2021, spending just over $100 for the entire year. I had to double check that since it’s hard to believe. I’m the person who would spend many thousands a year on clothes a couple decades ago! This year I crossed some invisible threshold between wanting clothes and wanting to save money to buy a house. I have always wanted to save money for a house, but in the past the instant gratification of shopping won out often enough that very little was saved. It will be interesting to see if I start clothes shopping again in 2022. I’ve now proven to myself that I definitely don’t *need* to buy clothes.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading about the out and about purchases too.

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      Happy New Year, Katrina, and thanks for sharing about your 2021 shopping experience. Good for you for prioritizing buying a house over shopping for clothes and other items. I wish you all the best with being able to buy a house soon. It’s AMAZING that you only spent around $100 on clothes in 2021, but having a solid WHY probably made a huge difference for you. If down the line you opt to purchase the Tommy John Lounge Henley tops, I hope they work out as well for you as they have for me. I wear them most days now, and I also wear some thermal tops from Eddie Bauer that I’ve had for years.

  3. Gail says:

    In 2021 I bought at-home things as well. I replaced my holey hoodie and bought a new pair of Oofos slides recently. The third item is the best, and I got it during the first Covid season: a very warm, fluffy and long bathrobe. It hugs me, which is just what a Covid home-bound older person needs. All three are blue or gray and blue–also tones that comfort me.
    This is, as usual, an interesting blog post, Debbie. Happy New Year!

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      Your robe sounds super cozy, Gail, and a good friend swears by the Oofos slides, too. It’s great that not only are your at-home items comfortable, but the colors are also comforting to your spirit. I’m glad you liked the post and I wish you all the best in 2022!

  4. wjgravity says:

    Many thanks for the links! Though I’m a bit shorter than you (5 foot 7), I am all limbs so everything is too short for me, especially women’s clothes. I’m currently trying to update my “lounge” wear since I don’t really own that category. I have old, ratty sleepwear (which is fine, I live alone and it’s all comfy, which is all that matters to me) and the Jeans and T-Shirts + flannels (which are slowly being upgraded) that is my “at work” uniform. But I don’t really have the work-from-home lounge wear that I have finally acknowledged I need. My t-shirts will work for at home, but my bottoms need some help! I’m hoping the Old Navy joggers will work (especially since I wear their tank tops as my base layer so I can always use more tanks to get my cart up to the free shipping threshold 🙂 ).

    I don’t think I had 1 best item, so much as a best trip! My sister and I went to the local outlets when things started to open back up this summer and were there when everything seemed to be on clearance for one reason or another. I found a red and black flannel (on serious clearance) that basically never ends up in the closet because it’s either on my body, in the wash, or on the hook where I store the flannel I use for that week for the very rare occasions that I leave the house. Even though I bought it in May, the cost per wear has to be in the pennies at this point. I replaced my winter sneakers that were starting to wear out, the new ones should last 2-3 years since I wear them about 75% of the year (and lightweight, non-waterproof sneakers the other 25% when it is both warm enough and dry enough). Then 3 men’s dress shirts (for $4 each!) in black, hunter green, and a deep, royal purple. I like button ups when I dress up, but women’s shirts don’t fit my boyish frame. The sleeves are always too short, the shoulders too narrow, and the waist too big. I can wear these shirts as is, but once I’m healthy and my shape stabilizes I’ll likely take them to a tailor to add a dart, and maybe shorten the length a bit.

    I think my worst purchase was anything I couldn’t return. I’m not used to online shopping so I need to get better at figuring out my sizes and making sure I know how to return/exchange things when I do order online. Especially since I have a fair bit that needs updating this year.

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      I’m glad you appreciated the links I included within the post, wjgravity. Yes, it’s definitely difficult when one is “all limbs” no matter their height (this is true for me, too). Good luck in updating your WFH lounge wear this year. I hope the Old Navy joggers work as well for you as they have for me (I’m wearing a pair as I type this…). Your “best trip” sounds amazing! It’s always great to have items with a super-low cost-per-wear link your red and black flannel. The price you got on the men’s dress shirts was such a steal! Good tip to opt for men’s dress shirts when the sleeves on the women’s version tend to be too short. I’ll keep that in mind… I hear you on worst purchases being things that can’t be returned. I’ll have a story or two about that in my “worst purchases” post that will go live soon. Good luck with your wardrobe updates this year!

  5. Vildy says:

    I haven’t thought about my purchases yet but I am so thrilled for you that your at home additions feel good and make you feel so good! What a great project with so much impact.

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      Thank you for your support, Vildy! Yes, it feels so great to have upgraded my at-home wardrobe so well in 2021. I wish I had prioritized this area of my closet sooner and that it didn’t take a pandemic for me to do it, but I’m happy to have done it now. I hope that maybe I can inspire others to purchase more of the less “sexy” stuff that truly does have a huge impact!

  6. I am thrilled for you that you have reached such a place of satisfaction with your at-home wardrobe! I think it can be hard for many of us to stop shopping for a fantasy life and to give ourselves permission to spend the time and money on the life we are actually living. (As a long-time reader of your essays, I felt like you battled something similar.) One thing that’s coming through for me is in this post is that you have refined your desired at-home outfit formulas/silhouettes and have found the pieces to make those happen. I know that must have taken a lot of time to figure out but now you’re reaping the benefits of it.

    Also, kudos on finding a pair of all-black walking shoes! I own a pair of all-black Salomon hiking/trail shoes and I so prefer them to the millions of black athletic shoes with white soles.

    Since February 2020, I only did one instance of clothes shopping, to enhance my summer exercise and sleep options. It was just a few pieces, but made a big difference. I am not on any kind of clothes shopping ban, but I made a decision after buying a lot in 2019 that my closet is full and I didn’t want to spend time on shopping for my “regular” (non exercise/non sleep) wardrobe that is already in good shape. Not spending time or energy on clothes shopping has freed me up to think about other things…including working with what I already have in my closet and starting a bead jewelry making hobby.

    1. Oops, I should have written February 2021! I haven’t gotten in my head yet that it’s currently 2022 so last year was 2021, haha.

    2. Debbie Roes says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sally. I think a lot of people haven’t had it sink in yet that it’s 2022. I think I write the wrong year for at least the first two or three months of the year! You’re so right that many of us shop for a fantasy life, and that’s definitely been true for me. Either that or we’re buying for a PAST life that doesn’t really exist anymore, which I imagine is the case for many in this post-pandemic (or really DURING pandemic) world. It DID take some time to figure out what I like wearing at home, but it was well worth the effort. Your black Salomon hiking/trail shoes sound great! I don’t know why I didn’t aim for all-black athletic shoes sooner, but I think I’ll always have a pair moving forward. Good for you for cutting way back on your clothes shopping in 2021! I think so many of us keep buying because we like to shop more than out of a true need for new things. Focusing on what we HAVE rather than what’s “out there” is always good to do no matter what, as it cultivates appreciation and also helps us to see if we have any real wardrobe holes. It’s so great that you have more time now for other things, and I wish you all the best with your new bead jewelry making hobby!

  7. Jo says:

    Hi Debbie,
    After working in an office setting since 1988, it’s been difficult for me to not shop for office wear. I am still attracted to tailored pants, beautiful jackets, cashmere sweaters, skirts and even heels. Now that I’ve been WFH since March of 2020, it’s been hard for me to let go of the way I used to look. Now, don’t get me wrong. Many days it’s nice to wear comfy lounge pants and tops while working 9+ hours and not have to deal with work clothes, hair and makeup. Still, I can’t help but feel “less than” when I’m not dressed nicely. A coworker told me awhile back that I could still wear my pretty work clothes, but I’m not going to wear them at home. I used to take comfort in that I could wear my work clothes to church, but now even our church has gone virtual due to increasing Covid cases.

    In the spring and summer of 2020 when the pandemic started, I bought several tops, as my team was meeting on-camera a few times a week. But many of those tops were mistakes and wound up getting donated. And now we seldom meet on-camera!

    Like you, I have bought some upgraded at-home clothes. I particularly like the T by Talbots line and have purchased several tops and bottoms to wear while WFH and even during non-work hours at home.

    Thank you for bringing up topics that — coincidentally — are on my mind too!

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jo. I know it can be hard to change the way we dress when we go through life transitions. I’m much like you in terms of feeling “less than” when I’m not dressed nicely. Where I live, people dress extremely casually, and I don’t feel comfortable (emotionally) or like myself when I dress that way, unless it’s for the purpose of exercising. At home, I’m more okay with dressing down, but I still like to dress in a way that’s pleasing to me. Some women will still dress in professional wear when they’re working from home, as they feel more professional and able to work effectively that way. There’s really no right or wrong with that, and we all have to do what’s best for us. Good for you for buying some upgraded at-home clothing. Talbots has some good quality items. I wish they carried more in tall sizes (they used to…), but they have a lot of nice clothing for all types of situations, including casual wear. I hope your new pieces work well for you!

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